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Yes, we're going off-line for a while. After 10 years of providing news of Osho's sannyasins and events, it's time for a break. For the near future, this will be just a holding page, awaiting... sitting quietly, the grass is growing, pixels are pixelling.

Meanwhile, there are many, very fine websites that are catering to Osho's Sannyasins.

One of the best is Osho News Online Magazine, which launched last year and has been a wonderful success story.

Osho didn't just leave us his vision and his inspiration, he also left behind his physical commune, now known as the Osho International Meditation Resort -- a modern 21st century oasis dedicated to the Zen aspects of Osho's teachings.

Osho Kids, run by Rupda, a site for those who are, or have been, kids in Osho's world.

Osho Kids

There is also from Delhi: Osho World and from America: the wonderful Viha Connection (don't forget to subscribe!) and their online shop, Osho Here and Now. There is Rebellious Spirit out of Czech Republic, Osho Amici and Osho Varazze from Italy, Osho Leela in the UK, Osho UTA in Germany and many, many more scattered around the world. We'll get a list together one day, until then a quick session with Google will get you started. The Sannyas Wiki Communities is also a good resource.

You can contact us at 'site @'